Saturday, February 23, 2008


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I am kind of in the middle of a couple projects, and at the super crazy beginning of a new one (will post on that shortly), so I figured I could post a little blast from the past. I made this bjork bag way back in the day (2005). I had lots of free time during this period of my life due to the fact that we had just moved to Seattle from Ohio and I was unemployed. I made this for my friend Jessica's birthday. She really likes bjork, and I really loved the green and purple combination.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Look what I made. Patterns are super rad!

audrey kawasaki

Beautiful images created in oil paints on wood.

a fun new toy = no more blurry photos

I think we are going to invest in this little guy quite soon. My cell phone camera currently takes better images than our point and shoot Canon. Granted, Hayden (the husband) and I have had that for at least four years now. I am very excited and inspired by the possibilities that will soon be available.

patterns of joy

I now have a super cool desktop wallpaper on my computer thanks to these lovely Aussies.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

did you read the manual?

I got my sewing machine approximately 4 years ago as a present for Christmas. A lovely Brother XL-5130, it featured 15 different stitches, and 3 knobs that I had no idea how to work. Even more frustrating was the fact that the "manual" it came with left a whole lot to be desired in the "how to use this machine and all its cool features" department. Seriously, it was like 5 pages long and half of those pages were the French and Spanish translations.
Since I knew very little about how to use a sewing machine from making pillows in Junior High Home-Ec classes and messing with my mom's machine every once in a while (to make even more pillows...yeah, I guess I liked pillows) I got by with the miniscule amount of knowledge that I had.
After working on a few projects lately, I was getting frustrated because my bobbin was being all funky and my projects were taking twice as long because I kept having to fix it. Being human, I of course blamed the machine. I called it cheap. I called it stupid. I hurt its feelings and verbally abused it. I bought a book about learning how to sew, which told me that I was a fool and needed to read up on my machine. I got online, and googled my sewing machine along with the word manual. Eureeka! A pdf of a 69 page user's manual for my machine! Oh what a glorious day!
I am in the process of printing out my handy dandy manual as I type this, and once it's printed I am going to use it to learn how to oil my machine in the appropriate places. That's right, I am giving my poor Brother XL-5130 some much needed T.L.C. (and I will be giving it compliments about its beauty and intelligence the whole time). I might even make it a handy little cover, so it doesn't get all dusty...although after I read my manual, it won't be sitting around collecting dust anymore!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

fingerless gloves noro

fingerless gloves noro
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the set.

getting closer to pinwheels

Making more progress on cutting out the swatches for my pinwheel quilt. I have all the squares cut for the inside pinwheel pieces now! I think I will attempt to sew them together soon. I feel kind of bad using the machine on week nights, since I am in an apartment and the machine is so loud. Maybe it will be a weekend thing, and I will do other stuff like knitting during the week.

Monday, February 4, 2008

want to make this soon

just bought this pattern the other day. now it is time to start looking for some fabric!

Update on the quilt: all of the little squares for the middle are cut, so I will begin sewing at some point this week. probably one of the days that I don't end up passing out on the couch or in bed "just for five minutes" after work. I think it is time for it to stop being rainy and gloomy all the derned time.