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Sock it to me...yeah I went there.

Minimalist Cardigan update

the moths made me do it

making some progress on minimalist

knitting with headphones

Progress check - minimalist cardigan

scarfie hoodie thingie

Casting On: Minimalist Cardigan by Ruthie Nussbaum

...and then there were slugs

Is my thumb green yet?

Wedded Bliss is a Piece of Cake

Help me Irish Spring, you're my only hope...

books and fish and books and fish

Another handy video. Kfb.

Happy Friday

good morning, muffin

moving right along

a new buddy...

what I just learned how to do...the YO

casting on!

Reversible Garter Rib Scarf aka Bamboozled FINALLY FINISHED

What's with the Widget?

Spring Has Sprung!

the never ending project