under the weather update

Unfortunately, I have been feeling a bit under the weather recently. I took a sick day from work yesterday, intending to try out the healing power of knitting and get that darned green bamboo scarf off of my wip list, but my brain was not in the right place even for that simple thing. yarg. I ended up just passing out into a coma-like slumber for the day, which I am sure was for the best...

I cast on to my first sweater over the past weekend. It is a lace wrap around sweater from the stitch n bitch books. I was a bit nervous about two firsts-first sweater and first lace- but I seem to be managing. It is tiny yarn (rowan cotton...another first, actually) on tiny needles (size 2 and 3). I have a feeling this project is going to take a while for me to finish. I am excited anyway :).

Another goal for the year is to learn how to knit socks. Once I clear my project list up a bit more, I will be looking to see if I am a sock genius or not.

The quilt has gone nowhere. I am upset with myself about this. I got to a point where I need to iron some pieces before I can finish the step I am on and I am just too lazy to get the damned iron out. One day I will make pinwheels, one day.

Ok, can't look at the screen anymore.


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