green thumb update

as you can see from the images below, the indoor gardening thing is so far, so good. it is really fun watching the plants grow, and the flowers turn to fruit. pretty amazing stuff, really.

We officially have two ripe cherry tomatoes! Our pepper is coming along rather perfectly as well.

We have hit one hurdle: the annoying creature called a white fly. Imagine fruit flies, but more annoying, and you have the white fly. We noticed our little visitors on this past Saturday. We ran out and bought some natural/organic/I hope this stuff is ok to use insecticide, and I had a fun little game of target practice with the spray bottle. I am pretty sure I got most of the little jerks, but I am on bug watch every morning now.

We also purchased some liquid worm castings (ahem...worm poos and stuff) that we add to the water, which is supposed to really be tasty for the plants.

All in all, a pretty interesting experiment so far!


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