craft amnesia

Whilst preparing for a visit back to the Midwest for the holidays, I realized that it would be a perfect time for me to get myself back into the awesomeness that is knitting. I knew I had a good amount of materials stashed away, but I had forgotten just how many projects I had started with gigantor-sized ambitions, only to be put on hold after a few days (ahem, much like this blog).

I call this phenomenon craft amnesia. It's almost fun, really. Pulling out the storage bins and popping off the tops bring memories of both good projects and bad; the "what was I even trying to accomplish here" attempts and the "maybe I will just stick to scarves for a bit longer" failures at grandeur. Don't get me wrong, there are an awful lot of "Dude I rock, this project is awesome, but I need to take a break for a day or so" pieces of fiber art found along the way as well.

I find this to be a common occurrence in my life. I find things I like or want to pick up as a hobby, and then get distracted somewhere along the way. I was having a conversation over a delicious beverage called a sage greyhound the other day with my husband and a friend where we were discussing the topic of hobbies in general. I find it amazing to learn what other people collect or choose to devote their free time to. My husband's boss, for example collects model trains - but no train tracks for them to go on. This blows my mind. I try not to interpret these hobbies into reflections of personalities, but sometimes you just can't help it. I came to the conclusion that I collect thoughts and intentions about collections and hobbies. Lame, I know. However, I am the type of person to get to the point of research, learning a bit first, before getting distracted by other things. This has helped a great deal in awkward social situations, where I might need to drop a knowledge bomb about one topic or another...say model trains sans their tracks.

I am really not going anywhere with this. Just bringing it up, happy to finally be making a post to one of my many hobbies that I tend to treat in an inattentive manner: the hobby that is blogging.

I have no intentions of ever giving up these lovely projects that keep my mind and hands busy, knitting and sewing and writing are all things that have surpassed that dreaded " interest, research, death" stage of my hobby selection process. But occasionally, they will get shoved into a plastic storage bin.

By the way, I ended up going for the green bamboo fiber scarf that has yet to be finished for my holiday travels. It was an excellent choice.


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