new resolve

Oh the shame of coming back to this 5 months after that last post with nothing to show. Not that there aren't excuses. There are. But I won't make a pointed list of those. Nope. Just going to pick it back up, that's all.

Anyway. There is a new craft room/ office thing I have all to myself to make messes in now! A new home to decorate and fill with things that will have slight imperfections that I will obsess over while no one else sees! Hooray!

The beautifully rainy Pacific Northwest fall has begun. There is a chill in the air, leaves are turning colors, and the rain has begun to fall. I LOVE this time of year. By far my favorite. Plus, the colder weather brings out my hermit-y crafting side a whole lot more than spring and summer.

So, with new resolve, I begin again. Things to make, things to do! Let's get it on!


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