rechargeable mojo

This morning, I was grumpy.

I woke up (late) with what seems to be the beginnings of a cold, and was just plain zombie-like at work for most of the day (er...productively zombie-like).

These are the types of days when I will use a break in the day to check out what's new on etsy, or one of my flickr groups, or some other awesomely inspirational site full of hand-made delightfulness. I will sit there, staring at the computer screen, and re-charge my creative mojo. Yes, I just used the term creative mojo. But, really, that is what I do. I browse these sites and grow happy and inspired by the knowledge that somewhere out there, somebody is making something. And then I grow envious and realize I've got a whole freakin' collection of projects that either need to be completed or are waiting to get started.

Tonight, I am motivated.


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