the never ending project

So, I kind of suck at keeping this thing updated regularly. Wanna' know why? It's because I kind of suck at actually working on my projects! Hahaha. Oh well...I think about them quite a bit. That kind of counts, right? I look forward to them. I even write them down on my "to do" lists for my weekends (yes I am one of those nerdy list writers). I would definitely like to change, and make "making stuff" a more regular part of my days and weeks. So, I will try again. Just like riding a bike, right?

The green scarf is task #1. I have been slowly making this bad boy for about 3 years now. It's actually had quite an adventurous existence, as it travels with me on all of my airplane rides. It's been to Ohio and Illinois a few times, and recently accompanied me on a ski trip to Tahoe. I think once it is actually finished I will have to make a point of wearing it on any other adventures I go on by air...for old time's sake.

Rather close to the finish line...about half a yarn ball left! I am even attempting to multitask on my goals for 2010 and combining my crafty accomplishments with my "read more" accomplishments-I am listening to audiobooks while knitting.

Onward to victory...


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