Sock it to me...yeah I went there.

Recently, the hubs and I took a trip to Illinois to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. I usually bring knitting with me on plane rides, but I couldn't fit the minimalist cardigan into my carry on bags without freaking out that it could get messed up.
I had decided to try and run a Thanksgiving Day 5k while we were there, so we went to pick up our registration packets and stuff for the race the day before at a nice little running shop in the Arlington Heights Neighborhood. Low and behold, there was a local yarn shop right across the street called Fuzzy Wuzzy Yarns. I went in to check it out and decided to buy a little souvenier of the fibrous persuasion, and felt it was time for me to tackle the art of sock knitting.
The woman working in the shop was nice enough to print out a free pattern from ravelry for self striping socks and point me in the direction of a basket full of self striping sock yarn.
It took me a second or two to remember how to use dpns, and adjust to the very tiny needles but I was able to get a bit of knitting done while we recuperated from the gigantic feast my mother-in-law had made for Thanksgiving dinner.
Although I am back to focusing on the minimalist cardigan, I am pretty pumped to get these socks going. It's a bit of added incentive.


Dyeforsocks1965 said…
Hehehehe! Welcome to the dark side!

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