playing a never ending game of catch me if you can with my creative aspirations (a.k.a. - long time, no blog)

Isn't it funny how you can get that uncontrollable urge to be creative and do fun stuff when you are working, especially when working on tight deadlines and projects with quick turn arounds? Then, when the deadline passes and you've shown your magnificence and skills and met said deadline, the creative rush decides to hide away and you get lazy and stop looking for it and sit on the couch or whatever instead?  Funny, maybe...frustrating, hell to the yes.

Summer is nearly at an end, and I have been able to keep myself busy with the garden and other fun things but little to no artsy fartsy-ness. I am still learning this whole time management skills thing while working from home (thankfully things have been busy and I am lucky to be so flustered). I also will always be learning to keep the to-do lists, even the one with the fun stuff on it, short and sweet. That will be a lifelong lesson.

So I suppose the main purpose of this post is to say that I am still here (for anyone who ever looks at this, and mainly for me). The chill is creeping back into the air. I am getting excited about sweaters, both wearing them and knitting them. Perfect time to pick those needles back up and get to work/play. More to come.


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