hello there!

I took up knitting about 3 years ago while in design school, when I found that my schooling had created a compulsion for busy hands and the desire to be creating something at all times. plus, along with all of that, it was a nice stress reliever. Knitting provided me with much needed study breaks (even before I found Harry Potter). However, over the last year and a half or so, I dropped my needles and didn't feel the urge to pick them up. I suppose that sometimes we need a break from what we intended to provide us breaks and relaxation.

The last couple of weeks, I finally heard my yarn stash calling out to me. And thank goodness it did! I had forgotten how amazingly fun (yes I am a geek) it was to knit...and how I am always amazed at how a whole bunch of knots turn into so many beautiful things.

So I have officially picked up my needles once more, and have decided to be super nerdy and keep a blog going about it. I will also be dusting off my sewing machine to see if I can finally finish something on that other than a pillow case or a tote bag! Oh the excitement of it all.

So please sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderments of crafting with me.

me knitting in the past with crazy hair.


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