scarfie hoodie thingie

Here is one of the projects I managed to finish over the last month. A simple scarf knit on gigantor needles (felt like I was knitting with those giant crayons they use in preschools) with some stash yarn that I had bought with no real intention in mind a few years ago.

This was a great airplane project and knitting group project, since it didn't require too much brain power on my part to make. I ended up with a pretty wide scarf, so I folded it in half and stitched up two sides of it. This makes the whole "hoodie thingie" part of it work. If I am wearing it as a scarf and my ears get cold I can simple transform it into a hood. It's just that easy! Feel like you are watching an info-mercial yet?


Dyeforsocks1965 said…
Lovely. And the color looks good on you.
theresa said…
Why thank you! :D.

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